Acoustic underlay



Thanks to its elastic properties, Technigom rubber is an excellent sound absorbent material. When installed at a thickness of just a few millimetres under screed or flooring, on higher floors or at ground level, this material prevents the propagation of sound and vibrations. It thus plays a part in guaranteeing the comfort of inhabitants.

Products replaced: polyethylene foam, polyurethane, cork, polystyrene.

Technical advantages

  • Performances comparable or better than current solutions.
  • Easy installation by uniform projection.
  • A solid material, with no risk of decohesion.

Economic advantages

  • An abundant, cheap and local raw material.
  • Technigom is up to 5 times cheaper than the products it replaces.
  • Regular production and guaranteed supplies.
  • High life expectancy without deterioration.

Health and environmental safety:

  • Technigom is in conformity with German and French standards on indoor air quality.
  • It is in conformity with the European REACH legislation on chemical substances.
  • Guaranteed manufacture in accordance with the health and environmental safety rules in force.
  • Preserves inhabitants from noise pollution.

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