Anti-mosquito filtration


The fight against mosquitoes is of great importance, particularly in tropical areas. The best means of preventing their proliferation, above all near homes, is to prevent them from reproducing.

Aglostic is a gutter filter that allows water to flow normally, but prevents mosquitoes from reaching stagnant water and thus laying their eggs. As Technigom rubber is rot-proof, poses no risk to either health or the environment, and is capable of agglomerating easily, it was quite logically chosen as the base material for this innovation.

Products replaced: Aglostic is a unique product. It minimises the need to use palliative means, such as repulsive agents, or chemical extermination treatments. In this case,Technigom can replace an alveolar polyethylene foam.

Technical advantages

  • Easy to set up: installation, made-to-measure sizing…
  • Little maintenance.
  • Prevents gutters from becoming blocked by dead leaves.

Economic advantages

  • Long term solution (guaranteed 10 years).
  • Replaces the need for costly, chemical treatments.

Health and environmental safety:

  • Tests carried out by the Institut Pasteur have revealed that there is no impact on the composition of the rainwater.
  • A passive means of protection, avoiding the use of agrochemical products.

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