Retention basins


As part of the fight against flooding and pollution, it is often necessary to collect rainwater in order to encourage its progressive return to the collection networks or natural milieu. Depending on the volumes involved, run-off via road drains and sewers may be insufficient – unless they are outsized, which requires a high level of expenditure. It is thus necessary to store run-off temporarily.

Retention basins make it possible to store rainwater when there are storms, as well as to fight the risk of flooding by regulating flow. This type of infrastructure also makes it possible to avoid the “river” effect during general rain events.

Géogom, used here in the form of shredded tyres, is an excellent material for filling retention basins: while allowing a large volume of water to form between the shred, it has solidity qualities that make it possible to construct a traffic lane above the basin, capable of being used by all types of vehicle, including those that transport heavy loads.

Products replaced: chalky gravel or honeycomb structures.

Technical advantages

  • Product calibrated in relation to the constraints
  • .Resistant under load.
  • Porosity of around 30%.

Economic advantages

  • Local, sustainable materials
  • Supplies from close at hand

Health and environmental safety:

  • Proven environmental soundness.
  • Savings of CO2 in relation to structures made from fossil fuel sources.

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