In collaboration with Aliapur, the company Veso Concept has developed bio-composite panels that combine natural materials and Technigom granulate.

Four prototypes could be produced: a basalt panel that includes Technigom in the air cells, a bamboo panel that has a Technigom core, and two stratified panels that mix Technigom granulate with coconut fibres for one and flax fibres for the other.

There are potentially many applications: for example, waterproof and damp-proof partition walls for the shipbuilding industry; parts with increased shock-resistance for the car industry; sound and heat insulation for the construction industry; a flexible, solid, sustainable and recycled material for furniture and design.

Products replaced: natural rubber, EPDM, cork, polyurethane

Technical advantages

  • Profitability with a high-quality product
  • Constant quality and high durability
  • Heat and acoustic insulation, shock absorption capacities

Economic advantages

  • An abundant raw material at a competitive price
  • Regularity of production and guaranteed supply
  • Replacement for natural rubber

Health and environmental safety:

  • Substitution for the polymers at the basis of fossil fuels
  • Raw material in conformity with the European REACH legislation for chemical substances
  • Guaranteed manufacturing process in accordance with the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) rules in force
  • No impact on the environment

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