Paper industry


The production of paper and cardboard uses large quantities of energy. Paper manufacturers are for the most part already committed to an eco-responsible approach, with a significant fraction of the needs covered by fuels rich in biomass.

Powergom chips can be incorporated perfectly into this technical and economic model. The paper industry effectively consumes almost one million tonnes of shredded tyre every year worldwide.

Aliapur is hoping to accelerate the development of this solution, with its high environmental and economic potential.

Products replaced: the characteristics of Powergom make it an excellent replacement for non-pulverised coal, and for any other fuel with high energy content. This makes it possible to decrease CO2 emissions by up to 50%. Powergom is thus perfectly suited to a diversified energy mix (biomass, waste, etc.) thanks to its complementarity.

Health and environmental safety: Powergom cut into chips for the paper industry emits up to 50% less CO2 than coal.

Technical advantages

  • The combustion capacity of Powergom is higher than that of coal.
  • Powergom chips are made-to-measure in relation to the technical specifications of the industry.
  • A fuel with a constant and long-lasting chemical composition.
  • Easy to store and handle.
  • The quality of Powergom is guaranteed by Aliapur.

Economic advantages

  • Significant savings in relation to fossil fuels (purchase, French domestic consumption tax on coal, CO2 quotas): 5 to 10 times cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • Price stability guaranteed by contract.
  • Reliable and flexible supply.

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