The Technigom anti-mosquito device on sale in mainland France

21 janvier 2019-

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Is there anyone who hasn’t suffered from an invasion of mosquitoes in their home? At certain times of year, mosquitoes become nothing less than a plague. As carriers of diseases such as Dengue fever, chikungunya and zika, they are also a major concern in terms of public health at the worldwide scale. Aglostic, the anti-mosquito gutter filter, is a solution that is as economical as it is ecological. It was invented in New Caledonia by Thierry Surivi and Christophe Put, who created the company Aedes System.

Aglostic is made from Technigom granulate, bonded by a binder, and comes in the form of moulded blocks. When placed inside guttering, the blocks are porous enough to let rainwater through, while maintaining a density that prevents mosquitoes from doing the same. With no further access to the stagnant water at the bottom of guttering, the undesirable creatures can thus no longer lay their eggs. This means no more proliferation of breeding areas: the stated efficacy of this device is 100%.

In addition to its technical efficacy, Aglostic is also an environmentally-aware product because it uses a recycled raw material, Technigom, and acts in a sustainable manner by proposing a solution for fighting mosquitoes without diffusing any chemical products into the environment. It also prevents the accumulation of waste (dead leaves, for example) in guttering, making it much easier to keep gutters working. Aglostic can be installed as easily on existing gutters as on newly-constructed buildings, which at present makes it a unique product in its category.

Since April 2016, Aedes System has manufactured and distributed its product in New Caledonia. It is already present in French Overseas Territories and is progressively being exported to Australia, Asia, Africa and the American continent.

The filter which "does only let water through"

2018 marked the start of a new stage, with the arrival of Aglostic on the mainland France market and its marketing to professionals by the company Edialux, the leader in pest control. The Aedes filter, which officially states its ecological and permanent aspects with 85% of Technigom in its composition and a 10-year warranty, is proposed in the category of “specific controls” against mosquitoes. 

In practical terms, this filter, which “does only let water through,” can be cut to the length desired with a simple hacksaw and its sides adjust perfectly to the walls of the guttering. It scores 10 out of 10 thanks to its quick and easy installation. To date, it is a one of a kind product. After Aglostic Gouttière, Aedes System has also developed Aglostic Regard, which blocks not only mosquitoes, but also cockroaches and rodents, preventing them from gaining access to domestic pipes. The exemplary recycling loop is about to come full circle.