The environmental certificates for 2019 will be available from 15 January

13 janvier 2020-

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From 15 January, all car industry professionals who have had tyres collected from them at least once by Aliapur in 2019 will be able to download their annual Environmental Savings Certificate from their Aliabase account.

The Certificate is based on the end-of-life tyre Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out for Aliapur by the consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers: this study makes it possible to quantify the savings in energy and natural resources brought about by using products made from tyres instead of the raw or manufactured materials usually used to make new products. The certificate thus converts the total weight of tyres collected over the course of the year into environmental benefits.

The three emblematic indicators retained are expressed in measurement units related to everyday life. So-called “primary” energy consumption has thus been formulated in terms of electricity (kWh); consumption of so-called “non-renewable resources” has been calculated as the equivalent number of litres of diesel; and finally, water consumption has been transformed into litres.

Aliapur has issued these environmental savings certificates since 2013. This year, the certificate will be available to the 35,000 professionals who collectively make up the first link in the chain. It is thus legitimate for each of them to be able to measure the environmental benefits that have been made possible thanks to the tyres collected from their premises.