Flexible cement grout



In the spring of 2018, an experimental work site to repair a pedestrian surface in Lyon allowed Aliapur to test in situ several prototype grouts that combine cement with Technigom that has been either finely granulated or powdered.

When used on flagstone flooring, this grout needs to be flexible enough to stretch or distend in relation to variations in temperature, while resisting abrasion from repeated cleaning. The aim here is to avoid degradation of the surface from possible cracks and to allow the stone to age aesthetically. Technigom rubber perfectly fulfilled its mission.

Products replaced: SBS, sand

Technical advantages

  • Profitability with a high-quality product
  • Constant quality and a high service life
  • Shock absorption and anti-crack capacities

Economic advantages

  • An abundant raw material at a competitive price
  • Regularity of production
  • Guaranteed supplies

Health and environmental safety:

  • A raw material that is in conformity with the European REACH legislation on chemical substances
  • Guaranteed manufacturing in accordance with the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) rules in force
  • No impact on the environment

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