2018, the year of Aliapur’s
new model

13 mai 2019-

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Aliapur has published its annual activity report for 2018. It is available in both French and English versions in the media library on the aliapur.fr website. The year was marked by collection targets that were very clearly exceeded. More than 375,000 tonnes of tyres were effectively collected from car industry professionals last year, or 16,000 tonnes more than what was initially ordered. The processing of these excess tyres was funded wholly by Aliapur’s shareholders, concerned with not allowing tyres to accumulate on the premises of those who store them.

In parallel, the outcome for these tyres, once processed by Aliapur, again benefitted from commercial prospection. Since 2016, the eco-organisation has worked hard to multiply the number of recycling solutions. It is a question of avoiding being trapped in a particular type of recycling, or in one industry more than another, or in one clearly dominant destination. This diversification strategy – which is destined to continue – has borne its fruit, as Aliapur now works with more than sixty recyclers in France and abroad (Europe, Africa, Asia), versus 35 three years ago. There is still some regret however, regarding the persistent timidity of certain industrialists and contractors in France, who still too often hesitate too much when it comes to seeing tyres as a product of excellence.

This is precisely one of the reasons that led Aliapur to create and launch three brands in 2018, all guarantees of the quality – and qualities! – of the products obtained from tyres from the French sector: Technigom, for recycled rubber, which advantageously replaces raw materials manufactured at great cost from petroleum products; Powergom, for the tyres destined for high-energy consumption industries in search of alternative sources of fuel; Géogom, which brings together the tyres prepared specifically for Public Works structures. Furthermore, Aliapur’s new website is based around these three brands. The site went online in January 2019. It is also these three brands that the eco-organisation intends to promote, with full confiance, in the years to come.