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The 2020 certificates online this Monday

All professionals collected in 2020 will be able to download their Certificate from 18th January from Aliabase.

15 janvier 2021 Read more

Aliapur sector: what's new on 1 January 2021

20 administrative départements in France change collector for 2021-2024. The eco-tax increases of 3.5%.

8 décembre 2020 Read more

Small containers: the missing link

Half-way between collections in skips and manual collections, eAZyBox is now set to become part of the sector.

17 novembre 2020 Read more

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Aliapur presents: the second life of tyres

In 2 minutes, here is the recycling of your tyres in the Aliapur sector. You don’t imagine what they can become!

The conditions of a free collection

Automobile professionals: here are the essential rules to follow so that tire collection remains free (French only).

Tyres as limitless resources

Since 2004, we have optimised, secured and tracked all the procedures that allow us to take responsibility for and process 47 million end-of-life tyres every year. As soon as a tyre enters the Aliapur network, it is destined for a second life.

To ensure this, we have developed recycling methods that respect the environment, are technically reliable and economically viable. Thus, we allow tyres to replace raw materials – which can be fossil or manufactured, but are always costly, including in terms of transport.

Discover here which material can be replaced advantageously by end-of-life tyres, in which form, and in which sector of activity.

By material replacement

From coal to cork, via plastics, with technical performances that are identical or better.

By sector of activity

From public works to leisure activities, via industry and energy, solutions that are cheaper and more respectful of the environment.

By brand

Designed as labels and developed as brands, presenting Technigom, Powergom and Géogom - by Aliapur!

Our brands

I sell tyres in France: should I declare them?

Practical Guide


Using substitute fuels such as end-of-life tyres allows our cement works to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels, imported from often far-flung countries, thus playing a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing energy transition throughout the country. We know we can count on the reactivity and reliability of Aliapur to deliver shredded or whole tyres year round, satisfying the specifications of the factories.

[Vicat is an international cement manufacturer that was founded in the Isère département. The company has 160 years of experience, and has almost 8,000 employees in 11 countries. In 2018, Vicat Circulère was created: by transforming waste from building sites and reintegrating it into innovative, responsible products, it is now a question of participating in a new, sustainable development of spaces]

Breffni BOLZE
Head of the Vicat Circulère department

The Volkswagen group imported its acute environmental conscience from Germany in the 1990s. This state of mind was very avant garde back then. At the time, in France, the green economy we know so well today was still a long way off. We have developed a unique organisation for collecting and processing waste from our showrooms, including end-of-life tyres, which are mainly sent to cement works.
As a result, the practical implementation of Aliapur did not fill a gap, but rather presented itself as an opportunity that was not to be missed: it is always much better to leave it to specialists to provide relevant solutions. Since 2003, we have thus chosen to work together. For tyres, this decision has made our lives much easier, and this is still just as true today.

Environment programme manager