Obtained from tyres collected in France,
Powergom is a fuel (RDF) that is rich in carbon,
made to measure for industrialists

Powergom is the result of the transformation of end-of-life tyres into quality controlled shred formats (download our datasheets Powergom A for car tyres and Powergom B for truck tyres).

It is a premium refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

Its calorific value means that it can replace coal as an industrial fuel, and its high carbon content can replace anthracite in the manufacture of steel.

When industries choose Powergom over coal, they can limit their CO2 emissions by up to





Economical advantages

When industries choose Powergom over coal, they can limit their CO2 emissions by 30%.

Local stocks of tyres, plus a national network of 12 preparation sites, make it possible to guarantee local deliveries, rather than importing coal from South Africa, Australia, Russia, etc.

A material that is in conformity with the European REACH regulations: the products of which Powergom is composed are authorised in Europe, and satisfy control and safety requirements for health and the environment.

All the Powergom preparation sites have SGS accreditation.

Powergom has a calorific value that is 10% higher than that of coal.

Its production is homogenous, regardless of the preparation site from which it comes (12 in France).

It benefits from permanent quality control through regular random sampling of 10 kg production samples. Specific analysis software has been developed for this purpose.

The price per kWh of Powergom is 80% less than that of coal.

Stability of prices for constant, regular national production, with no seasonal fluctuations.

Aliapur offers its clients long contracts (up to 4 years), with no evolution in tariffs.

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Technical and scientific bibliography

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