Urban heating


There are increasing numbers of urban heating networks. In the past, these networks depended on fossil fuels, but now, most have committed to a transition towards renewable energy and energy from waste. Using products from the Powergom range is perfectly adapted to this responsible approach.

Products replaced: the characteristics of Powergom make it an excellent replacement for non-pulverised coal, and for any other fuel with high energy content. This makes it possible to decrease CO2 emissions by up to 50%. Powergom is thus perfectly suited to a diversified energy mix (biomass, waste, etc.).

For more than 10 years, Aliapur has supplied the E.ON plant in Norrköping (Sweden).

Technical advantages

  • Customised manufacturing in conformity with the specifications boiler house.
  • Easy to store and handle.
  • Proven technical efficacy.

Economic advantages

  • Significant savings in relation to fossil fuels (purchase, French domestic consumption tax on coal, CO2 quotas).
  • Price stability guaranteed by contract.
  • Reliable and flexible supply.

Health and environmental safety

  • Powergom is a local resource that makes it possible to avoid water consumption and the exponential emissions of CO2 associated with the extraction of coal.
  • It is an inert fuel that is relatively insensitive to the risk of fire during storage (unlike biomass).
  • This fuel is standardised, and is produced from premium tyres that cannot be reused but whose structure has remained intact.

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