The Team

The team is here to answer your questions and guide you through our different professions and products, and the sector in general.
You will also find all the ways you can contact the exact person you need.

Nathalie Allègre

Relations with producers Manager

Sophie Alpino


Jasmine Alzaga


Chrystèle Charle-Chambard

Operations and R&D task Officer

Hervé Domas

Managing Director

Christophe Dubois

Collector Operations Manager - South Sector

Jean-Philippe Faure

R&D Director

Nageois Frigui

Aliabase operations Coordinator

Alex Goret

Collector Operations Manager - North Sector

Ingrid Gotzmann

Suppliers accounts

Jean-Michel Guery

Information system Director

Mohamed Hassan

Logistics operator

Alban de Lamotte

Quality Manager

Christine Morcrette

Database Manager

Pierre Obrecht

Directeur des relations extérieures

Sandrine Pauty

Accounting Manager

Stéphane Petitrenaud

Director of operations and legal services

Valérie Picaud

Logistics Assistant

Thierry Quéré

Methods, monitoring and reporting Manager

Pierre-Henri Rémy

Logistics Manager

Franck Retailleau

Operations Manager for transformer and recovery sites

Olivier Roussel

Administration and finance Director

Rudy Serveaux

IT Technician

Louis de la Taille

IT project Manager