Top quality French rubber,
an entirely recycled raw material

Technigom is rubber that is obtained through granulation of the rubber from end-of-life tyres, after extraction of the textile fibres and wire.

Technigom respects HAP standards and traceability.

Its' a rubber whose purity is 





Economical advantages

Technigom rubber replaces products manufactured from petroleum products.

It is composed of more than 30% natural rubber (hevea).

Rubber in conformity with the European REACH regulations: the chemical products contained in tyres are authorised in Europe, and satisfy control and safety requirements for health and the environment.

Traceability of the entire manufacturing process, from the initial cutting up of the tyres to obtaining the final product.

Technigom is available in several particle sizes.

It is manufactured to measure in relation to the requirements of the clients.

The guarantee of constant quality: this rubber is in conformity with the European CEN/TS 14243 standard.

The guarantee of constant composition: Technigom is obtained from tyres collected exclusively in France, 95% premium tyres, of less than 5 years of age on average.

The tyres from which Technigom is obtained form an abundant and local source, guaranteeing constant tariffs and controlled transportation costs.

Technigom rubber is up to 80% cheaper than an elastomer obtained from petroleum.

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