Domestic anti-vibration mats



With use, certain household appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers emit vibrations that can be more or less significant and are often unpleasant. This is also the case with fitness equipment such as treadmills, indoor bicycles, or multi-use apparatus, all of which are becoming increasingly popular.

This noise can be eliminated or, at least, considerably diminished, by installing non-slip and anti-vibration mats under them. Compressed and bound with polyurethane glue, Technigom rubber is a material that is ideally suited to the manufacture of these mats. They can vary in size but for domestic use, such as under a washing machine for example, they are generally 60 cm square with a thickness of 10 mm. 

Products replaced: EPDM, cork.

Technical advantages

  • Solid and rot-proof
  • Very easy to handle and install
  • Supports intensive use of the appliance placed on top of it
  • Resists household cleaning products

Economic advantages

  • An abundant raw material
  • Up to 5 times cheaper than the products it replaces
  • High durability without decohesion

Health and environmental safety:

  • The rubber mats are guaranteed to be in conformity with the European REACH legislation on chemical substances, as long as the manufacturer can certify the traceability of the material and thus the use of Technigom.
  • Just three industrialists are authorised by Aliapur to produce Technigom.
  • The production of Technigom is subject to regular, random testing by independent laboratories that are leaders in their field: Labosport, Eurofins, SGS

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