Steelworks play an essential role in the recycling of scrap metal and are thus major consumers of steel and carbon. The shred in the Powergom range contains up to 70% carbon and 25% metal: for this reason, in recent decades it has logically imposed itself around the world as a replacement product commonly used in steelworks.

Aliapur has signed contracts to supply several steelworks, both in France and abroad, with Powergom. In this way, these steelworks have progressed in terms of their competitiveness, whilst improving their environmental performance.

Products replaced:

  • Partial replacement of anthracite (coal): 1.7 kg of Powergom replaces 1 kg of anthracite
  • Additional supply of recycled steel

Health and environmental safety: Powergom emits 30% less CO2 than anthracite.

Technical advantages

  • Easier to store and handle.
  • Proven technical feasibility.
  • Stability of the physical and chemical characteristics.

Economic advantages

  • Significant savings compared to anthracite (purchase and CO2 emissions).
  • Price stability guaranteed by contract.
  • Reliable and flexible supply.
  • Additional supply of recycled steel.

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