There are two components that are essential for foundries: steel and carbon. The products in the Powergom range contain up to 65% of carbon and 25% of metal.

Feasibility trials have been carried out in two foundries, with the support of the Centre technique des industries de la fonderie (CTIF), which has validated the introduction of Powergom shred into hot wind cupolas to recycle the metal and end-of-life tyre black in the manufacture of cast iron. These tests have shown that adding Powergom to foundries altered neither the fusion process, nor the quality and properties of the cast iron. In addition, it considerably decreases the manufacturing costs.

Products replaced: Technigom offers a partial replacement for anthracite, a fossil product obtained from the pyrolysis of coal. It also allows additional supply of recycled steel

Health and environmental safety: Powergom emits 30% less CO2 than petroleum coke.

Technical advantages

  • Easy to store and handle
  • Additional supply of recycled steel

Economic advantages

  • Significant savings in relation to petroleum coke and coal (purchase and CO2 emissions)
  • Price stability guaranteed by contract
  • Reliable and flexible supply

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