Cement works


In the last ten years, the cement industry has committed to reducing its consumption of fossil fuels with the use of Powergom chips as a replacement fuel.

In cement works, Powergom replaces fossil fuels: coal, petroleum coke, heavy fuel oil. It also replaces silica and iron, both raw materials essential for the manufacture of cement.

Technical advantages

  • The combustion capacity of Powergom is equivalent to that of petroleum coke, and higher than that of coal.
  • A fuel with a constant and long-lasting chemical composition.
  • Powergom offers a biomass fraction of 30%.
  • The quality of Powergom is guaranteed by Aliapur.
  • Powergom chips are made-to-measure in relation to the technical specifications of the industry.
  • Easy to store and handle

Economic advantages

  • Significant savings in relation to fossil fuels (purchase, French domestic consumption tax on coal, CO2 quotas): 5 to 10 times cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • Price stability guaranteed by contract.
  • Reliable and flexible supply.

Health and environmental safety

  • The temperature of a cement kiln is 1,500°C: the combustible part of Powergom is consumed entirely.
  • The residual materials enter into the composition of coal: there is thus no release of materials.
  • The cement works that use Powergom emit 30% less CO2 than those that use coal.

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