The site of a quarry needs to be rehabilitated after the end of the quarry’s operations. Large-sized Géogom products, essentially agricultural and civil engineering tyres, are used whole in such cases, on the basis of the Pneusol technique. They are an adapted and controlled alternative to the reconstruction of the site, using the principle of ordered alternation of layers of earth and tyres. This “layer cake” using Géogom thus makes it possible to stabilise the filling and, above all, to make it sustainable in terms of respecting both the environment and the local fauna.

Products replaced: using Géogom makes it possible to obtain stable backfill, and replaces part of the material used as the filler.

Technical advantages

  • Stabilisation at a large scale
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical characteristics that are constant over time

Economic advantages

  • An abundant, proximity product
  • Excellent value for money.

Health and environmental safety:

  • Laboratory and on site tests have concluded that using tyres has no impact on water quality
  • No emissions of CO2
  • An inert material that is without danger for either the environment or the local fauna

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