Retaining walls


A retaining wall makes it possible to contain earth – or any other material – in a reduced surface area. The Géogom products used in the construction of this type of structure, for example avalanche or rockfall barrier infrastructures (generally on steep slopes, up to 75°), are heavy goods vehicle tyres.

These tyres must be identical in size and have the sidewall removed. Regarding their installation, they are solidly attached to each other using a technique developed by the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech engineering school, reinforced with geotextile sheets or welded wire mesh, then filled with earth and built up as walls.

This technique makes use of both their flexibility and their resistance. In just a few months, they are covered in vegetation. This technique has been fully proven and, since 1982, several hundred works of this type have been built in both France and abroad.

Products replaced: polystyrene foam blocks, gravel.

Technical advantages

  • Better distribution of effort in the mass of the material and foundations
  • Easy and economical to assemble
  • Major success stories
  • Resistant to vermin

Economic advantages

  • Tyres obtained from local stocks
  • Transport limited to short distances
  • 80% cheaper than polystyrene

Health and environmental safety:

  • Made from tyres that are in conformity with the latest regulations in force, and thus in conformity with REACH
  • No environmental impact
  • A stable, rot-proof material over time
  • No CO2 emissions

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