Backfill & light embankment


Aliapur, Backfill & light embankment
Aliapur, Backfill & light embankment
Aliapur, Backfill & light embankment

Géogom is available as calibrated sheets of tyre rubber that are used in public works as both backfill and light embankment.

Backfill: by filling, Géogom makes it possible to level or raise land that will be obliged to support heavy use: a rail network, traffic routes, buildings, superstructures, etc.


Light embankment: this type of work aims to limit excessive loads on ground or surfaces susceptible to compacting. It must therefore be composed of a lightweight material that is easy to use in earthmoving works. Géogom is thus suitable as much for backfill on compressible ground as it is for projects to relieve lateral constraints.

Products replaced : polystyrene blocks, alveolar plastic, clay beads, glass beads, stones and gravel.

Aliapur, Remblai et remblai allégé

Technical advantages

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Light material
  • Rot-proof and vermin-resistant
  • Calibrated to evacuate wastewater
  • Distributes constraints because the weight of the sheets of Géogom is spread out throughout the backfill.

Economic advantages

  • Inexpensive product
  • Material that is 100 % recycled and recyclable
  • Local stocks: a proximity product
  • 12 production sites in France: transport of supplies limited to short distances.

Health and environmental safety:

  • Géogom is made from tyres that are in conformity with the regulations in force in France and Europe (REACH)
  • No environmental impact
  • No release of pollutants
  • No chemical modification over time

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