The concept was first imagined in New Mexico around thirty years ago: an Earthship (géonef in French) is a habitation that is built directly by its future occupants. It fully respects the environment and is lower in cost because it privileges the use of recovered and recycled materials.

These homes are bioclimatic and autonomous in terms of both water and non-fossil fuel energy. The outside walls are made of whole tyres, all the same size and filled with rammed earth.

Products replaced: stones, concrete

Technical advantages

  • Mechanical qualities of resistance and resilience
  • Equal distribution of efforts and constraints within the structure
  • Easy to assemble, does not require specific machines or tools

Economic advantages

  • Tyres obtained from local stocks
  • Transport limited to short distances
  • Extremely cheap product

Health and environmental safety:

  • Tyres in conformity with the latest regulations in force: product in conformity with REACH
  • Material that is stable over time and rot-proof
  • No environmental impact: integrates into the natural setting

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