A material for backfilling and underpinning,
to be used in public works

In the form of calibrated chips, Géogom is a material specifically developed for public works constructions and infrastructures.

By choosing Géogom, transport-related CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to





Economical advantages

Depending on the constructions and sites, Géogom can replace stone, gravel, clay balls, cellular plastic and polystyrene.

It is an abundant, local resource that makes it possible, by replacing stone and gravel, to makes saving of up to 80% in the transport-related CO2 emissions.

The material is inert and rot-proof, so there is no impact on the environment.

Géogom is a material controlled according to AFNOR XP T 47-751 (2006) and EN 14243-3 (2018) standards.

Production sites are Qualicert Valorpneu certified.

Géogom chips retain all the shock-absorbing, resilience and lightness properties of the tyres from which they're made.

Géogom is simple and quick to implement.

Its formats are guaranteed homogeneous and controlled.

Géogom is subject to quality control throughout its production, by random sampling at the production sites. Specific analysis software has been developed for this purpose.

The Géogom chips come from local deposits: they are inexpensive.

They have a bulk density 65% lower than that of quarries they replace: they are savings in transportation.

Their use requires no particular investment: they can be handled by all construction machinery and machine tools in public works

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